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Finpecia | Fincar

Manufacturer: Chipla.

Active Ingredient: Finasteride.

Dosage: Finpecia - 1mg/day, Fincar - 5mg/day.

Let's start with a little background on how drug patents are registered in the Pharmaceutical industry. A Pharmaceutical company that develops a new drug can register it as a patent, which will allow them to sell it exclusively for a duration of 20 years. After that period of time any other pharmaceutical company can manufacture and sell that drug under a different name. These versions are usually much cheaper than the origin and are referred to as Bulk, or Generic.

Since Merck patented Propecia in the late 90's, generic versions of it are only likely to be sold many years from now.

In India however, those international patent laws do not apply. They have their own local law under which a patent can be registered only for the manufacturing process of a drug. This means that Indian pharmaceuticals companies can produce and market any patent protected drug as long as they can come up with a different way of producing it.
Chipla, an Indian pharmaceutical firm, takes full advantage of that law to manufacture their cheap generic versions of many patent protected drugs. Finpecia and Fincar are their versions of Propecia and Proscar.

These generic versions can be found in India, but it is relatively easy to obtain them from online drugstores.

There are no known studies conducted by Chipla aiming to prove their generic Finasteride is Identical and as efficient as Merck's original one, but from a pharmaceutical company of their magnitude one can assume that it is.

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